How to Get Involved with Twitter Spaces

Published: 2023-11-03

Written by: Jessica Wilkins

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A lot more people are starting to host their own Twitter Spaces and it is a great way to grow your network and learn from others. But what are Twitter Spaces and how do you start getting involved? (And no I am not calling them X spaces because that is just dumb 🤣)

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter spaces are audio events held on Twitter where you can listen to and join in with conversations. Anyone with a Twitter account can join a space and listen to the conversation. If you want to speak, you can request to join the space and the host can invite you to speak. You can also share tweets and emojis in the space.

Twitter Spaces

Why should I use Twitter Spaces?

Building out your Tech network can help you grow and learn in your career. Twitter Spaces are a great way to do this as you can connect with people from all over the world. You can also join spaces on a range of topics, so you can learn about new areas of tech and meet people with different experiences.

Some spaces will be more intimate, with a small group of people(10-15), and others will be larger (1000+ people). I like the more personal and intimate spaces because it is easier to get involved in the conversation. But sometimes I will join a larger space if it is on a topic that I am interested in.

After the space is over, you can follow the speakers and other people who were in the space. This is a great way to start building your network and connecting with people.

I have personally DM’d a lot of people throughout the space looking to connect and continue the conversation. I have also been able to connect with people whom I have been following for a while and have been able to have a conversation with them. You never know where that might lead 🙏🏾

What if I am nervous about speaking?

A lot of people choose to not speak in Twitter spaces because they are nervous or self-conscious about sharing with strangers. And there is no pressure to speak if you don’t want to. If you just want to start by listening that is fine.

Also, there are some Twitter spaces where you won’t be able to participate because the hosts already have a set schedule and list of speakers. The main thing is to start getting involved in the community and you will find spaces where you can speak.

How do I find Twitter Spaces?

Most of the spaces that I have found have been through my network. Someone will post that they are holding a space or retweet a space they are interested in. Other times, I will search through the Twitter mobile app and click on the Spaces tab to discover new spaces.

mobile Twitter spaces

My favorite Twitter Spaces

Over the past few months, I have started to regularly join a few Twitter Spaces. I have found these spaces to be welcoming and I have been able to connect with a lot of people.

Here are a few recurring Twitter spaces or accounts that I recommend checking out:

Kanika Tolver - Career Rehab

I first learned about Kanika Tolver through another Twitter space about growing your tech career. The topic was about tech resumes and I was able to get some great advice from Kanika and the other speakers. I have been following her ever since and she regularly hosts Twitter spaces centered on career development. She also has a great book called Career Rehab that I highly recommend.

Danny Thompson

Danny Thompson has a very inspiring story and has helped thousands of people get into tech. He regularly hosts Twitter spaces about getting a job and career tips. If you follow him on Twitter, then he will usually post about the space a day or two before it happens.

These are usually large spaces with sometimes 1000+ people. However, he is very engaging throughout the space and will often open up the mic to anyone who wants to speak.

Sarah Shook

I first learned about Sarah when I listened to her episode on the freeCodeCamp podcast. I ended up reaching out to her on Twitter and we started talking about tech and our careers.

Just a couple of months ago, she posted to Twitter about starting a series on mental health in Tech and asked people if they were interested in listening and participating in it. I responded that it was a great idea and would love to come on as a guest. The first space was about tech and mental health and I was able to share my story and connect with others who were going through similar things.

This is a weekly space usually held on Thursdays if you are interested in joining. ❤️

Jacob Ashley and Jason Torres - TechCommute

This is a newer set of spaces that happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Mondays and Wednesdays, Jacob and Jason will interview people in tech about their career journey. On Fridays, they will host a space where anyone can come and share their story.

I have been to a few of their spaces and they always have great speakers and are very engaging. I highly suggest checking out their recently recorded spaces with Shashi Lo and Saron.


I know a lot has happened with Twitter since Elon took over, but I still think it is a great place to connect with people in tech. I have been able to connect with so many people through Twitter and I am excited to see how Twitter Spaces will continue to grow. 😀